Carlos Martiel “Intruder”

From Thursday 24th of January Gilda Lavia Gallery has the pleasure to host “Intruder”, the solo show by Carlos Martiel. The Cuban artist, two years after taking part in the Venice Art Biennale, comes back to Italy with an unreleased performance created specifically for the gallery spaces.

Martiel, once again, uses his body to tell and denounce. His own body becomes a universal communication tool, but at the same time contains a personal story, with characteristics and connotations that the artist uses to highlight the often dramatic dynamics of our contemporaneity.

“Intruder” is an action to denounce the abuses suffered by ethnic minorities, the social barriers stratified over time and the difficult conditions that populations are daily forced to face. With his works, Martiel carries on the current issues in a sharp way: borders and who suffer for these borders, people that don’t have neither the power to self-determinate their own vital space. Globalization and those who are excluded from it: the intruders! People forced to fight the dramatic aspects of the immigration such as hostility and,xenophobia, feelings that come from the denial of the value of human beings .

With the new performance,specially conceived for the exhibition, the body of the artist become a metaphor, that involves the observer in a raw and symbolic action, that cannot leave the public indifferent.

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