Petra Feriancová “personale”

Gilda Lavia Gallery hosts the first solo show of the artist Petra Feriancová in the gallery space located in San Lorenzo district of Rome. The exhibition will be accompanied by a curatorial statement by Manuela Valentini.

On the occasion of the exhibition entitled “Personale (Personal)”, the artist manipulates the gallery space by re-creating its architecture. The resulting environment is made up of different elements, which give the spectator a feeling of estrangement caused by something “oversized”. The walls are covered by a structure, a dominant element that reflects a personal experience of the artist, namely the six years she spent in Rome, which were followed by a period of voluntary isolation.

Petra Feriancová’s work relies on the conceptualization of emotional processes related to perception, preparation and memory, and to the circumstances in which they are shared.
Through her research, she opposes the imaginary resulting from her personal experience to the two-dimensional knowledge specific to newspapers, books, encyclopedias. She loses and regains her identity by working on post-production, on the archeology of her materials and other people’s materials. In this way, she takes possession of methods and historical, ancient concepts. Such form of manipulation mainly aims at provoking an original and emotional reaction in the spectator. Thanks to the works created for “Personale”, Feriancová manages to thematize the time when she was far from Rome and the time she has spent there.

The artist has dedicated a whole room of the gallery to the installation Antigone’s eye (2009-2018), which consists of analog shots that well represent the relationship between time, personal vision and objectification of reality. The pictures –which were taken with the sole aim of ideally “communicating” the images to her disappeared father– marks the end of a long road, in which the artist measures time without looking for any particular subject.

The project was possible thank to Slovak Arts Coucil; the artist thanks Jan Studeny for architectural collaboration.

The exhibition will be open until 12 January 2019

For information: | +39 065803788