On Friday June 1st at 7.00 pm the new Galleria Gilda Lavia opens in the San Lorenzo district with the personal exhibition of the artist Pamela Diamante.

The exhibition entitled “Welcome Apocalypse” contains a series of diversified works compared to the “mediums” used by the artist to conduct his research, thus spacing the site specific intervention to the video, addressing a series of themes related to man and to the environment that he manipulates.

As the critic Diego Sileo writes in the text that accompanies the exhibition: “The artist’s creations are the pretext to reflect our image in a mirror: by cynically representing a sampling of man-made and/or environmental disasters, Diamante turns her art into the “magical other side” of our reality. Man is converted into something disturbing: he is the one responsible for all the evil in the world, a world where he kills himself and his own existence. Such cruel and violent communication is inspired by both past and current violence; in fact, art reveals itself when it echoes the barbarity and anxiety of a gloomy unsatisfied truth. Diamante’s apocalypse finds its fullest expression in this scenario, where the artist retraces and organizes the multifaceted string of her art, its unresolved –or, rather, understood as unresolved– tangle, its forceful tones, its sharp gaps and its grievances. It is not, therefore, a juxtaposition of random images, of any inner ghost, but rather an attempt to put order into the evasive coarse material through an extraordinarily rigorous mental operation, an analytical clarity that wants to see the darkest sides of man which make life unlivable by condemning it to helplessness. The artist’s need to exceed the limit in order to understand and start thinking stems from this burning and suffered helplessness. In Diamante’s art, the rejection of simplicity lies behind her efforts to cauterize wounds, to turn disharmonies into possible new harmonies.”